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Apr. 2nd, 2010



First little shoots in the flower bed, a couple of flowers. I have garden dreams for 2010.

Feb. 8th, 2009


100 Book Challenge

Why not? I think I read at least 50 a year anyway, so doubling up sounds manageable.

Jan. 8th, 2009


SCA meme

1. What is your SCA Name?
Mildred (of Readstan, until I get the rest of it together)

2. What time and where do you portray?
England - 8th century

3. In plain English describe your device.
None yet.

4. How long have you been in the SCA?
I have been in and out, but my first event was a "Baronial Warlord" (I think) in Caerthe in '78 out at Cherry Creek Reservoir.

5. Do you have any special titles you have earned?
Mordant Gopher, which was what the kitchen helpers were called when I started playing.

6. What kingdom and local group do you belong to?
Outlands, Barony of Caerthe, Canton of Readstan

7. Do you have preferred colors for your SCA Persona?
No. (presumably garb colors.)

8. What is your war that you look forward to going to every year?
No war. No camping, these days.

9. Do you hold any offices?
Hospitaler of Readstan.

10. Favorite memory from an event? Oh, there are so many.
Mistress Rivka dancing at her first event. (At least I think it was her first event.)

11. Are you a fighter?

12. Are you crafty (making things)?
Some. I try my hand at garb, calligraphy, gardening, a little blacksmithing

13. Do you teach classes at events?

14. Do you play instruments at events?

15. Do you dance at events?
Used to. Not able to right now.

16. Do you feel that there is enough flirting and chivalrous behavior in the SCA?
I leave the flirting to those who can. We could always use more chivalrous behaviour.

17. Are you a 'Black Hat' or a 'White Hat'?
No idea.

18. What is one of the reasons you've remained in the SCA?
Honor, grace and beauty are the words that come to mind. ("Remained" may not be the right word. I keep coming back to it.)

19.What peerage(s) do you aspire to?
None. I am content to be 'happy rabble,' as long as I am welcome.

20. Who was Crown when you joined the SCA?
Johann and Melinda

21. If you are a Peer, who was the Crown that elevated you?

22. Have you lived in more than 1 kingdom and which ones?
Yes. Atenveldt and Oulands. (But does it count? I have always been in the Outlands, as both a Principality and a Kingdom.)

23. Have you helped found a group?
Not successfully.

24. Have you had any house affiliations?
Had, loosely, once upon a time.

Nov. 23rd, 2008


Still here in the shadows

Been busy with the work and daily stuff, with no units left for doing fun stuff. Working on it.

There comes a time when one manages personal energy more than time. When I was younger the trick was to arrange everything in order so that things got done. First things before the next step, and projects by deadlines. Now the trick is to not take on too much, and prioritize the things that have to get done, the things I would like to get done and things that it would be nice to get done someday.

Sadly, much that I would like to do ends up sliding into the "someday" category because I run out of steam about the time I get the necessary things done. *sigh*

But there is hope for me. My physician and I are working on getting things figured out.

Aug. 31st, 2008


Planting so far

I have managed to plant a whole lot of stuff. Many, many crocus. Some of the many, many iris. More to do this weekend.

Back to digging in the dirt.

Aug. 30th, 2008


Time Slipping

Your result for The Steampunk Style Test...

The Citizen

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Try our other Steampunk test here.

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Aug. 13th, 2008


Garden Grove

Working in the weird back corner of our yard that we call The Grove, aptly named since it is a collection of miscellaneous trees and shrubs that fill in the acute corner of our back yard. Current census - three fitzers, one elm, one russian olive, many choke cherries, and one each hackberry and serviceberry, both courtesy of the birds or wind.

Spent several hours trimming dead limbs out of the the trees, then removing the living branches that were in the way. So now the path is clear for Mr Man to get back there and repair the fence rails and replace the boards where the neighbor's dogs have chewed on the pickets.

There are days when i think I should have been a farmer.

Jun. 27th, 2008


Goodbye Old Cat

My dear old cat  Sylvester passed from this world late Tuesday night (early Wednesday morning?) just after midnight.

When we got home from camping he was not doing well, and I did not really expect him to make it through Sunday night. Shortly after midnight Tuesday, the power went off. By the time the power came back on at 12:45 Mr Cat had moved on.

My favorite picture of him is here
But you are familiar with his face, since he is the pic I use here.

The house is quiet, and I find he was an integral part of my daily routine, so I am feeling a bit out of sorts.

Thanks to everyone who has asked after his health these last months.

Jun. 23rd, 2008


Progress, of a sort

While I was in the hills, the first of the newcomers classes went very well with out me. I hope this speaks more to the caliber of the instructor and the people coming to play than to my absence.

I am struggling with my role as 'welcoming committee.' Fortunately, the people who play in my area are great at talking to folks, and helping me keep an eye out for the interested bystander. Left to my own devices, my mind makes a perimeter around the area we are using, and I do not consciously see much going on outside that imaginary line. While this is wonderful for my ability to play at a site that is surrounded by the modern world, it is not such a good thing when I am supposed to be the point of contact and interface with new people. 

Jun. 14th, 2008


The Wealth of Pigs

Watching the television between rounds of cleaning out the old car that is going away, I see commercials talking about 'feeding the pig' and making the pig fat.

Somewhere in my travels I remember reading that the Saxons counted their wealth in pigs.

Funny how some standards continue far beyond the times they were established. I wonder what else we still use as a frame of reference  from 'days of yore' An area of research to add to my 'keep an eye out for' list.

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